Supporting HIV Impact Self-Help Group

An initiative to support families who have been affected by HIV/AIDS in Kembata and Hadiya region in southern Ethiopia.

HIV affected families Self-Help Group, 2015
Families affected by HIV/AIDS attending a monthly meeting in Doyogena, 2015

This is a group of HIV Impact Self-Help Group from Kembata / Hadiya zones. The group consists of 40 members are campaigning to raise awareness of AIDS in their communities. These women and their families are brave and strong people who managed to break the huge barrier – stigma attached to HIV – to fight the good fight in their communities.

Students who have lost both parents due to AIDS need school support
Orphan students at the health center meeting their health advisor

The members are registered with a local health center, and receive regular training and assistance from an HIV coordinator. Bestbridge has a chance to meet the group during their monthly meeting where they discuss the difficulties they face in during the campaign and share their everyday life experiences.

Orphan children visiting the health center for a follow-up meeting with an advisor
Orphan children visiting the health center for a follow-up meeting with an advisor

Bestbridge is now seeking sponsors (individuals or organisations) willing to provide material or financial support for the Self-Help Group through the local health center.

Any support received could be used to meet the nutritional and educational needs of orphan children who have lost both parents due to AIDS.

Health center compound
Orphan and affected children visiting the Health center

Usually, families who are positive receive medical treatment at the health center, but do not receive any other support. It could also be used to engage some of the vulnerable women in Income Generating Activities so that they can be self-sufficient and support their poor families.

For any further information, please contact us.

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