Bestbridge creates effective links through which institutions and professionals can connect with communities in Ethiopia. We believe that partnership can provide an opportunity for people to share experiences, and serve as a vehicle to transfer knowledge and increase understanding.

1- Family Linking

We create an opportunity for families to connect, and relate to each other’s life style. Families can share their parenting experience, support each other practically and emotionally, and encourage each other to overcome everyday challenges. Families can broaden their outlook on life, learn how to face challenges in life, and create an opportunity to making a difference.

2- School Linking

We aim to introduce teachers and students about a specific school and its community in Ethiopia. Schools can benefit from learning from each other’s experiences and share best education practices. Taking into account today’s interconnected world, partnership can expose teachers and students to different learning and teaching contexts. By engaging with the international dimension and incorporating a range of global themes, young people can gain the skills they need for work in the wider world.

3- Health Centers Links

We introduce health institutions and professionals about a specific health center in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia where the health system is poor, health professionals work in an environment where resources are very limited. Partnership provides not only development opportunities, but also enables western professionals to experience healthcare from a different perspective. The best-practice medical exchange would give them an invaluable insight into a new set of challenges, and equip their workforce to prepare for emerging global health issues.

4- Connecting Villages

We connect rural villages or towns in Ethiopia with communities in developed countries to bring a better understanding of each other. We promote cross-cultural projects that contribute to overcome poverty and injustice. We also want people in developed countries to better understand the reality of everyday life in rural Ethiopia.

5- Reconnecting Families Separated by Adoption

We help international Adoptive Parents to reconnect with Ethiopian Birth Families. We offer an intermediary service for those who need it. We create a sustainable link by which adoptive parents, adopted children and their first family members can strengthen their family ties.