Initiatives aimed at responding to critical needs of the people

We facilitate opportunities for like-minded citizens to be part of the solution. We propose projects in the following key areas with the hope that you involve in meeting genuine needs among poor communities:

1 – Providing essential learning resources to under-resourced schools

Primary School Students in Class Room in Amacho Wato Kembata 2013

It involves supplying textbooks, furniture, teaching resources and digital devices for under-resourced schools. The aim is to help underprivileged students to remain in school and successfully complete their exams. We believe that providing essential learning tools can make a positive impact and recognition to their commitment to education.

2 – Enabling access to clean water sources and sanitation facilities

Clean Water Childern fetching water in Doyogena
Construction of drinking water stations and wells, maintaining existing water points in villages that lack access to clean water. We believe that providing clean water will bring a huge relief to communities who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities.

3 – Providing essential medical equipment and supplies

Amacho wato clinic deliver bed

Assisting under-resourced rural health centres by supplying basic medical equipment. Lack of essential medical devices and shortage of medical supplies is adding extra challenge to the delivery of critical health services. We believe that providing medical equipment can ease service delivery, and contribute for the overall improvement of health care.

4 – Providing improved agricultural inputs and materials

Enset plantation

It involves the provisioning of agricultural inputs, extension service, training, off-farm employment and income generating activities for rural households.