High level of youth unemployment

Reducing youth unemployment
Girls involve in a hard labour work as the only means to survive. Image – courtesy of Ennio Vanzan

Due to lack of adequate vocational and technical training centres in the southern region, the majority of young people and school leavers remain without any relevant technical or employable skills. Lack of professional skills means limited internal migratory movements for work reasons as well as exclusion from any possible job opportunities elsewhere in the country.

Most school leavers in Kembata are destitute, leave in a desperate situation and remain dependent on their family’s meagre income for their survival. This places an additional social burden on the poor households who often rely on small plots of land that leaves very little production margin.

Overpopulation due to rapid growth (beyond the national average) further exacerbates pressure on ever shrinking and fragmented land holdings in the region. The predominantly subsistence agricultural sector – often unable to sustain families – cannot generate new employment opportunities for the youth. The industrial and service sectors development in the region is extremely limited, and cannot match pace with ever increasing demand for jobs. There are very limited numbers of small-sized businesses in the town areas. To fill the gap in the shortage of skilled manpower as well as to reduce the high level of youth unemployment, external intervention in various relevant sectors is profoundly important.

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