Bestbridge is a volunteer group raising awareness of extreme poverty in Ethiopia by:

Highlighting and disseminating information on issues related to the social well-being and economic development of communities;
Facilitating sustainable programs aimed at overcoming poverty and improving the livelihood of households;
Promoting knowledge transfer for better understanding and eradicating abject poverty.

    Who We Are

  • Bestbridge is not a registered None-profit Organization.
  • It consists of ordinary individuals coming from all walks of life with a common desire of supporting the most disadvantaged communities to overcome extreme poverty and human suffering in Ethiopia.

  • What We Do

  • raise awareness of poverty by providing and disseminating information on issues related to the social well-being and economic development of poor rural communities in Ethiopia.

  • What We Aim

  • to advocate the interest of disadvantaged people and voice their concerns related to their livelihoods.
  •  to promote grass-root projects that bring economic prosperity and benefit to poor rural communities.
  •  to raise awareness, exchange ideas and transfer knowledge for better understanding and overcoming poverty.

  • We Envision

  •  the prosperity of Ethiopia with equitable and sustainable economic and social development.
  •  the improvement of living conditions of poor communities, especially in the rural regions of Ethiopia.

  • We Work  With

  •  individuals from all walks of life and background with a shared vision of reducing extreme poverty.
  •  organizations willing to undertake worthwhile development endeavours that transform communities.
  •  local communities to help them make their way out of extreme poverty and live life in all its fullness.

  • We Serve

  • vulnerable people, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, social status, religious or political orientation.